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National Marine Park Thailand

Open now Until May 2022

The Similan National Marine Park consists of nine islands plus Koh Bon island, Koh Tachai island and Richelieu Rock. The Similan islands National Marine Park is open from October to May each year.

Since the Covid outbreak there has been no tourism in the Similan Islands so after two years being left back to nature the marine life has increased not only in number but also in diversity. Now could not be a better time to experience one of the best scuba diving locations in the world.

Let’s Explore Sailing Trips in Phuket
If you’ve always dreamed of crystal blue waves and fresh ocean air, it doesn’t get better than sailing trips in Phuket. To make your next vacation to Thailand unforgettable, consider booking a sailboat tour around the stunning island.
About Phuket
Phuket is a gorgeous island in Thailand with a lot to offer tourists. From phenomenal diving locations to luscious golf courses to ancient and awe-inspiring temples, there are countless reasons to visit this stunning island.

The island of Phuket is the largest in Thailand dive, boasting lovely white sand beaches with soft waves lapping at the shores. The island’s capital is Phuket City, an exciting and colorful place filled with dazzling shops and local cuisine.

There’s no better way to explore this island and appreciate the beauty than taking a fun sailing trip around the sea! So let’s explore sailing trips in Phuket and all they offer visitors.
Sailing Trips in Phuket
There are all kinds of boat tours to take when you find yourself on the beautiful island of Phuket. While canoes, kayaks, and large cruises can be fun, nothing is quite as magical as riding a sailboat around the island and along the beaches.

If you want to enjoy a perfect day on the water where you can soak up the sun and make lasting memories, check out these highly-recommended Phuket sailing tours that will help you make the most of your vacation.
Salt Sailing Phuket
Salt Sailing Phuket is one of the best sailing companies on the island, offering visitors an array of sailing experiences, from full-day trips to quick sunset rides.

You can travel to Racha Yai, Coral Island, or Maithon Island. They also allow you to craft your own sailing itinerary, so you can sail wherever you want.
Phuket Sail
Phuket Sail offers personalized and magical tours on their beautiful 42-foot-long teak wood 1930s-style sailboat. While their boats can only handle about ten passengers on every trip, they provide an unforgettable experience in a cozy and stunning environment.

They also offer a lovely dinner cruise where you can enjoy fresh and local cuisine while riding the waves.
Sailing-Phuket is the perfect company to use for a fun-filled family boat trip around the islands near Phuket dive. They stock the boat with fresh fruit and a friendly crew to make every moment as enjoyable as possible.

You can visit coves thriving with wildlife and go snorkeling, or take out one of their portable kayaks and go on your own mini-boating adventure.
Hype Boat Club Sailing
The Hype Boat Club Sailing tour offers you a day full of fun and food! They have tasty cocktails, finger food, and even a dance floor on the boat so you can party in the middle of the sea.

It sets sail from Chalong Pier and goes from Coral Island to Racha Island past Promthep Cape for a boat trip full of majestic sights. This sailing tour is excellent for people that want to party and enjoy the scenic views around Phuket.
Private Phuket Sailing
For something more private, this sailing tour offers you the chance to unwind and appreciate the beauty of Thailand.

The massive sailboats from Private Phuket Sailing are ideal for special events or private groups that want the tour to themselves. These large boats are available for full-day tours so that, so you can spend sunrise to sunset exploring the ocean.
June Bahtra Sightseeing and Sailing
This sailing tour takes you around Phang Nga Bay on a traditional Chinese junk boat, a beautiful ship with ruffled red sails that are perfect for vacation photo ops. On this tour, you’ll learn about Thai culture and local legends and enjoy a fresh seafood lunch.
SY Olivia
Sailing tours on the SY Olivia can be half-day trips or full-day adventures. You can travel to Coral Island, Racha Island, or Koh Khai to take in the majesty of the islands around Phuket while bathing in the sun and feeling the wind in your hair.
Sweet Dreamers
Phuket diver Sailing with Sweet Dreamers is a unique and enjoyable experience, from their barefoot charters to full-crew sailing cruises to overnight stays. You can wake up to the incredible sunsets Phuket scuba diving island offers, or you can enjoy part of a day sailing the crystal blue waters.

Whatever type of sailing trip you take, the friendly crew will make you feel like family the moment you step on the boat!
Tips for Sailing Trips
Before you set out on your unforgettable and exhilarating sailboat trip around Phuket, there are some things to do to prepare and considerations to keep in mind while on the boat. To enhance your safety and enjoyment, use this as a checklist before the trip and while on the boat.
Before you set sail, make sure you pack all the necessary items. Below are just a few things you should bring to ensure you’re comfortable and safe from the elements.

Sunglasses or hat
Bathing suit
Change of clean and dry clothes
Beach towel
Boat shoes (non-slip, comfortable shoes)
Anti-seasickness materials (bracelets or medications)
Listen and Learn
Make sure you follow all the instructions of the crew. The sea can be a dangerous place, so listen and adhere to their rules and advice.
Be Spatially Aware
Many sailboats are small, so be aware of your surroundings before turning around quickly or makingyou turn around quickly or make sudden movements. Take your time!
Be Present
While learning about sailing can be fun, you should always try to be present during these beautiful trips. Don’t focus too much on upcoming excursions or the ins and outs of sailing when you could miss out on the fresh ocean air or the wildlife surrounding you. PADI open water phuket
Final Thoughts
Whether you want to watch the soothing sunsets or see dolphins skipping along the top of waves, there’s so much to love about sailing trips in Phuket.

Enjoy a delectable meal while cruising along the shore or find idyllic snorkeling spots you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Whatever your bliss is, you can likely find it on a quaint sailboat off the island of Phuket.

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